I love every.single.moment

I am a Jersey girl turned Pennsylvania gal who loves photographing people and the milestones and moments that make us human. My three sons brought me back to my camera. And so I began my business as a family photographer. But I soon realized that weddings are a celebration of two people’s choice to become family and that their wedding day is the  celebration and the beginning of that journey as family.  And I love Every. Single. Moment. I truly do! I love the excitement, the nerves, the joy, the laughter, the party. It all rocks!  I love meeting with my couples as they plan the details and think through how this day will represent who they are. I love all of the little exchanges I have with my couples leading up to their wedding day.  And I love seeing the love and connection they share with one another throughout! 

Down-to-Earth & Genuine

I am down-to-earth, it’s who I am in my life and I stay true to myself with every wedding I shoot!  What’s that mean for my couples?  They have a photographer who is easy going and enjoying being in the midst of their family and friends as they’re celebrated!  I am connected to the wedding day, living in the moments to capture them as I experience them alongside my couples and their guests.  I genuinely enjoy being there.    When there is laughter, I’m smiling too.  When there are tears, I’m often seen swiping a tear away myself.  I live in the moment because I believe that’s how I best see them through my camera lens.

Creative & Timeless

I approach every wedding knowing instinctively that it will be unique to the couple.  But I also approach each wedding with a creative eye and the intention of capturing candid and posed moments in a timeless way.  The photographs I capture on wedding days are meant to tell the story of that couple’s choice to become family and to travel that journey together.   Their photographs will be with them for their lives together, to share their story with their children and grandchildren.  I understand the importance and power of the photographs I capture.  They are the visual story to accompany the words and stories to be shared.   I do not take that knowing lightly.

Lively & Calm

That’s a contradiction but these two words embody how I am at a wedding.  I have FUN!  I have ENERGY!  I am aware and alert, ensuring that I see and photograph the unexpected moments, the planned traditions, the laughter following a crazy move on the dance floor, the adoring smile from a parent after that first kiss.  But a calmness, that I’ll be honest isn’t always my modos operandi haha, remains with me as I photograph weddings.  I know what I need to capture and I know that weddings can have a crazy energy and can be stressful, particularly for my couples.  I remain calm and keep tabs on my couples to be sure they’re enjoying the moments and focusing on their day.  I check in to be sure they’ve had a bite to eat, a drink, a chance to breathe.    The day can go so quickly, I know the photographs I take will help my couples remember the start of their wedded story, but I want them to remember to be present and to enjoy the little moments too.